14 December 2004

I went deer hunting!
Its deer hunting season out here so there's lots of people running around with guns and scaring deer through fields. Deer are in abundance out here and they're such pretty animals except when they're in the road. Had one run out in front of me last night. That was nothing new. But a second later, here comes another one and it ran into my car. Yeah, it T-boned my car. You can see where her nose hit right under the handle of the front door. Then the back door is all dented up. Was quite the experience. Just before that I was thinking how long it had been taking for it to get too warm in my car since it was about 8 degrees outside. After she hit my car and my blood started pumping more rapidly, I got warm real quick. Never even saw her hit the car but I heard it and then watched in the rear view mirror and she fell on the road and started flopping around. That didn't happen for too long when I pulled over and looked back, I saw her get up and run into the field. I'm sure someone will smell the rotting flesh eventually, I don't see how she could survive that. Praise God that I didn't hit her with the front of my car. It would have scooped her right up and she would've come through my windshield. That wouldn't be a pretty sight on me or on the car! As it is, I'm sure it will cost plenty to fix since the whole door is dented in. Okay, enough fun news from me. HOpe your weather and outside stuff is not so dramatic.

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