01 December 2004

Chinese Food
Last night Ryan treated me to Chinese Food. We get the buffet, its awesome. By time we got there, I was so hungry my stomach hurt (its a 45 minute drive). About 90 people from the Luther College cross country team was there for some big party. They were all dressed up and looking cute. I felt like such a dud in the middle of their line at the buffet. I was in jeans, a t-shirt, a zip up sweatshirt and jacket. The food was good as always. They even had sushi on the buffet but I didn't have the stomach to try it. Plus, I know that next time I see Cori, she'll take me out for a sushi experience. I chatted with the owner there (because I know no strangers) and found out that they're actually Korean. But, it will always be "Chinese" Food to me since that's what I'm used to calling it. Thanks to my wonderful and lovely husband who took me out for a great meal. He's so awesome!

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