26 January 2013

Itchy Journey

If you've been following my itchy journey, it's been a long and tiring journey.  It was 2 1/2 weeks ago that I saw the allergist and almost 2 weeks ago that I saw the dermatologist.  Those past few weeks were typically the down week for the itching.  This is the week in my cycle that my itching starts to go crazy again.  I have a little itching on my core body still but that's it.  THAT'S IT!!!  The dry, leather-feeling skin on my arms is gone.  My arms are soft again and only slightly discolored from the redness.  The dry, leather feeling skin is still on parts of my core but I'm hopeful that the old dry skin will quickly be replaced by new, soft skin.

Can I get on Amen on that!?!?

I am still waiting on the dermatologist's report on the biopsy of my arm.  I should have had those findings last Monday so I will be calling them this Monday to get the results.  In the mean time, I got my stitches out today:

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Lori and Eric Stark said...

So happy that you are finally mostly itchy free! Praying you get good news on Monday (our Gotcha' Day, btw!)! Hope you have something to celebrate that day, too!