01 January 2013

Fun with Visitors

It's great to have fun with visitors.  Fun with family is that much sweeter.  

I was busy hanging out, just being family and not carrying around a camera for the most part but I did take the camera out for a few slides down the hill.  The year my kids found a little hill which they've decided they like much more because it means less walking back up.  Smart kids.

I love when my kids love each other.  Here, Scott takes the time to push Bethany down the hill.

Without snow pants and snow boots, Grandpa stayed at the top of the hill.  After giving his "beanie" to his granddaughter, he made sure to push them down hill a few times before retreating to the warmth of the house.

The above mentioned grand daughter sporting an Immanuel High School beanie:

This little boy is serious about sledding.  He can be found sledding like this until he eats snow.  Then he decides that's no fun and rides down hill backwards to keep the snow out of his face.

He loves sledding.  And really loves when the neighbor boy shows up to sled with him.  Eventually the two boys appeared to be punching and wrestling.  As I started to intervene, I remembered that Ryan says I need to let Scott be a boy and boys do that.  I'm proud to say that I let them be boys and they're still friends and neither of them got hurt.

Momma pulling Bethany while Bethany pulls her cousin visiting from California.

 And because this boy is from Central California where you have to drive up into the mountains to play in the snow, he's not very familiar with it.  In his 5 year old little mind, it made perfect since to surf.  And "surf" he did as his Aunt carefully pulled him down the driveway to the big hill.

Once they were tired of walking up the big hill, Grandpa Danny happily pulled them back.  Little did he know that he'd end up with 3 in the sled.  What a good sport Grandpa!

After the big boys ran by, the littles requested Grandpa Danny run to.  What a good sport!!!

This is my nephew.  He's a few months older than Bethany and I don't get to see him near enough.  I'm so, so thankful that my brother and sister in law not only shared him for Christmas, but also that they paid for an expensive airline ticket to get him out here.
Good thing we were back at the small hill when Judah's sled got away:

The excitement builds as momma adds a little weight to push the sled a little faster down the hill:

Wondering where Bethany dissapeared to, her Grandpa found her playing on the wood pile and old pick up.  She may love the city, but she's a country girl at heart.  Just like her momma!

He's quiet and doesn't volunteer for pictures.  When I caught him up close like this, I just had to share.

 Life at Rancho B's... it's good to be home!

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