14 January 2013

In case You Wondered

Yes, I still itch.

Had a follow up with the dermatologist today.  I shared what the allergist said and while she didn't respond with words, her reaction told me she didn't agree.  Again, she didn't say anything so I'm not sure what her thoughts were.  I got another shot of kenalog which should relieve the itching.  It didn't work last time but I have my fingers crossed.

The rash seems to be getting worse.  Less fine rash and more bright red irritations.  Not sure if that means a skin infection.  With my head cold and skin issues, I spent most of 3 days straight in bed or on the couch.  I might have gone to urgent care yesterday if I wasn't scheduled for the dermatologist today.

It's now also on my face.  I look like a leper.  So much for feeling special.  The dermatologist biopsied the red stuff and sent it to lab.  We should have the results in a week.  For now I have two little stitches and a big bruise on my left arm to remind me to patiently wait for results.

I've shared the above pictures here and on facebook.  What I haven't shared in pictures is that I have the hives type of rash all over my core too.  It's now turning red.  Maybe from the itching?  Maybe a skin infection from the itching?  I plan to call Dr K, the allergy doc tomorrow.

This past weekend was tough.  Emotionally.  I know it could be way worse, but the itching has been overwhelming and emotionally exhausting.  I'm not getting good sleep so it's also physically exhausting.  And then because that wasn't enough, over the weekend, I developed a sinus infection to go with my two-week-old head cold and thought my skin was infected.  It sure is warm to touch those red areas of my skin.  On a good note, the sinus infection is gone thanks to the wise advise of my dentist, also known as my favorite father-in-law (yes, I have just one, it's an inside joke).

So today felt good.  We even invited a few friends to join us for supper.  And we were super blessed when they volunteered to bring supper.  Thank you Dan and MaryAnn!  We are so glad to call you guys friends.  I hope you don't itch too much tonight after watching my itch :)

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Sarah said...

I'm so sorry Tamara. Really. When my second son was a few months old, I started getting rashes and hives on my legs. By the end of 12 months I was getting them all over my body, especially my arms and face. It's terrible. So frustrating to try and figure out what is causing them. So frustrating to be told, "It's probably stress." So frustrating to take Benadryl and be groggy. I really hope you guys figure out what is causing your flare ups, that you can have peace, and that your body can heal. I'll be praying for you~