01 December 2012

Lazy Day

We used to have this:

It became Harley Dog's chew toy.  It is no more.

We used to have this: 
He was another of Harley's chew toys.  He is no more.

But that's not why I wanted to post today.  I just randomly saw those pictures on my computer and I like them both.  Mostly these pictures are proof that I'm wasting a perfectly good working opportunity.  After all, it's 1130am.  I've been out of bed for approximately two hours.  I have company come in approximately two hours and I haven't showered or picked up a single thing in my house.  Shoot, I can't even take credit for making breakfast for my kids - one is still asleep, one fixed herself a bowl of cereal, and the other had a granola bar.  I've started a load of laundry and began thawing some all beef hot dogs.  My goal is to make cute little personal sized corn dogs in the muffin pan.  But it is 1130am and I need a shower and need to clean house...

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