23 December 2012

Winter Wonderland

It may have only been nine degrees outside but we were warm and having fun.

I think the kids made it their goal to wipe each other out:

Bracing for the ramp:

J and I catch some air, his face is awesome!

This is just one of the reasons I'm so sore today: 
 Other reasons might include: I'm not 18 anymore but play like a kid, I caught my left leg in the brambles and really stretched my hips out (think wish bone), while my back side has grown over the years, I apparently need a cushioned seat if I'm going to be catching air.

Isn't this little boy just precious!  He's mine.

This is my little princess who was adamant that she didn't need her hair put up out of her face.

I didn't get a close up of a certain child who never stopped moving long enough to grab a non-action pic.

By time I got the camera, the light wasn't as good.  The other picture I got before giving up was a close up of weeds and the boys on the other side.  Not my day for the camera I suppose.

The best shot of the day was a missed video.  We parents rode the long sled with J in the front.  When we ran into the snow bank at the bottom, J was COVERED in snow.  It was a good gut laugh!

Honey, thanks for laying in the snow bank, getting plowed over by all of us so you could get some good shots!

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