05 December 2012

Made My Day

Today I read an email that Rob is considering joining our Ethiopia travel team in March.  This made my day.

Today my friend K let me know that they chose to sponsor Konjit and another child.  This made my day and warmed my heart.

Today I got to spend some time with my friend Amy.  This made my day.

Today, my dad sent me pictures of my friend Scott's memorial.  This made my day.  Scott would have been 33 at Thanksgiving.  He died shortly after turning 16.

And if the above four things couldn't make my day amazing.  This man was the icing on the cake, the cream in my coffee, and the love of my life:

I'm sure you want to know what makes him so amazing, right?  I'll tell you just one thing tonight... he had plans to surprise me with a kitchen make-over (more on that later).  Last night we began removing cabinets and some of the backsplash when he realized that it was ruining the dry wall and he would have to patch in new drywall there.  That was NOT in his plans.  Or in our budget.  There is back splash on 3 walls in our kitchen.  We both knew I wanted it all gone.  When I asked Ryan what I could do to be helpful, he replied "choose to leave the other backsplash tiles on".  I want to respect my husband.  I want to respect his wishes and appreciate his hard work.  But I really wanted that tile off the wall so I could eventually paint it.  Often I pray and ask God to put Ryan on the same page, even if that means changing my mind.  I'm not sure I did that at all today.  But when I came home, I was amazed to see this:

Yes, I get that you don't really know what that picture is.  But it means so much. It's the third wall where he removed the tile covered wall.  What you're seeing is the history of our home - drywall over plaster over lath and a hole.  I came home to cabinets and back splash removed on the remaining two walls.  Without my nagging.  No need for a little battle today friends.  We were on the same page and the tile is GONE even if that means more drywall and another few really late nights ahead.

Thank you honey for how you love me.  That tile dissapearing means as much to me as the whole kitchen make-over.

Now, let's pray that the flooring under the linoleum is just beautiful.  More on the kitchen make-over another day.  For now I'm busy spending 20 minutes putting light switches and outlets back in the wall (I'm not electrician) and thanking God for how my husband loves me!

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