30 November 2012

Friday Night Fun

On our dining room table sits a napkin holder full of 4x6 cards.  Each night we write something about our day.  I could have written a paragraph about today.  Scott came home sick from school today.  Ryan stayed home with him most the day.  I left work a little early so Ryan could go back to work for some end of the day stuff.  Since Scott was doing okay, I had him jump in the van and we headed to the school to pick up the littles.  I put the littles down for a nap, and chatted with mom on the phone a while.  When it was time to fix supper, I was set on having shredded pork tacos.  While I'm no "Kari in the Kitchen", I've been a little more adventurous in the kitchen.  I love tacos.  But not with flour tortillas, unless they're home-made.  I baked some corn tortillas hanging over the rack, and simmered some of the thawed pork roast I'd taken out of the freezer with onions and salsa.  Fresh out of the oven, I filled the crisp shells with the meat mixture, shredded cheese, cilantro, salsa, and black beans.  YUMMY!

As soon as the dishes were done, Scott decorated our wood floors.  Shall I explain it?  Let's just say that curdled milk, lots of liquid and I'm glad I have wood floors.  Ryan asked "how do you clean up that much liquid?"  I wrapped a tea towel to cover my nose and mouth, grabbed the dust pan and a thin cutting mat to use as a scraper.  How many people do you know that wash the dust pan with hot, soapy water?  Yes, that's me.  So much for wanting dessert!

Know what else has been on my mind?

My Judah is growing so much.  There's nothing little about that boy anymore.  He's all kid and that smile will melt anyone's heart!  I held him in my arms tonight while he had a bit of dessert (while his siblings were busy in the bathroom).  So fun to sit and bond with him.

I have a love for Swedish Dala horses.  Nope, I'm not Swedish by blood.  Or by marriage.  But I was raised in a small Swedish community and the Dala Horse was part of my childhood.

I've also been thinking about a tattoo.  Maybe it was because Ryan was asking for a Christmas gift idea.  Maybe it was because my friend Ingrid posted about it on facebook.  With a quick google search of old people and tattoos, I was sure I would be turned off of the tattoo idea.  No such luck.

I'm feeling really bad about Rum-Tum.  He was old and maybe wouldn't have made it through the winter.  But he was part of the family before I was part of the family.  Poor Rum.  Those younger cats that sneak in the garage all the time... they make me crazy!

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