07 August 2011

Worth a thousand words

Earlier this week while another mom and I were having a meeting about VBS snacks, Bethany and Kenlin were using a calculator as a phone and taking orders for fuel. [Guess what Kenlin's mom does for work???]. Then on our way home, I was listening to a voice mail, and Bethany wanting to be like her momma, grabbed her flip-flop and began using it as a phone saying "I called her on my shoe cause it's the only phone I have right now". Well, alrighty then. Saturday she grabbed a crooked-neck squash and began using it as a phone. Of course, I grabbed the camera. And caught this. And then she asked me to take a video where she totally hammed it up.

The video, which I've posted on facebook, brings this photo to life! Worth all 18 seconds of your time it would take to view it!

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