16 August 2011

did I really

- Did I really feed my kids popcorn and smoothies for supper?
- Did I really just stay up past 10 when I desperately need sleep?
- Did I really have the chance to see the President and not give a rip?
- Did I really buy hair dye to cover the "silver lining"?
The next few days are busy.  Granted, my days are always busy.  But in a week's time, I will be in DesMoines for doc appointments for kids, have a going away party at work, send my son back to school and Bethany for the first time, have a home visit for the pre-school and send my husband off for a week of continuing ed.  Well, I guess we'll have a busy week.  But I find joy in those things.  And if you see me that I don't look so joyful, please remind me.
By the way, the Jay Leno jokes are hilarious tonight!

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