20 July 2009

Where is my Hairbrush?

... maybe I have a little bit of Veggies Tales on the brain.  Maybe that's because I spent about 6 to 8 hours making Scott and Bethany an awesome LarryBoy cake for their birthday party on Saturday.  I would never want to volunteer to make such a cake if it hadn't been for Scott's specific request.  I must say that I was quite impressed with it.  I'll add pictures when I get a chance... maybe on Thursday.
I may not be searching for my hair brush but I am wondering where my time went.  Yes, the summer has been flying by.  Granted, I'm enjoying the weeks as they go by, but we're into late July and I've hardly been outside to enjoy the summer heat (or lack thereof around here). 
This past week or so we've had my dad here visiting.  I've tried to make sure I spend some time with him and at the same time make sure that I'm taking care of my other responsibilities.  I was off on Friday and my poor dad spent the morning amidst the chaos of me and the kids at WallyWorld.  That evening though was a little more fun.  All of us (being Ryan, me, the kids, my mom, ralph, and my dad) went fishing out at the beaulahland.  One at a time, I took the kids out on the little paddle boats with their fishing pole.  It was cool out and windy so we were wearing our sweatshirts and having fun.  The fish weren't biting much but we still had fun.  While the majority of us fished, Dad enjoyed the camping chair and Ryan was busy at the fire pit cooking up shrimp scampi and had peach cobbler in the dutch oven.  After supper, the kids played on the swings and though us adults were chilled, the kids couldn't get enough of the outdoor fun!
Saturday was the kids' birthday party.  This year we only invited family.  I debated on inviting kids but then they all bring gifts and I don't want them to do that since I don't buy for each kid on their birthday.  Plus, a friend of mine mentioned that she only did big birthday parties every 5 years and the kids appreciated that.  My kids, at this age, were perfectly happy with just having their family to share their cake with.  And they did share - it wasn't even a problem for the two of them to share the LarryBoy cake.
Last night I finally began reading a book that my friend Michelle let me borrow.  It's a book about God's perspective on being the help meet that God designed us to be.  I'm appreciating what I've read and though I've read other books about marriage, this one seems to have a little different twist.  The hard part is saying that its all great information when I clearly am not the stay at home wife/mom.  I don't know if God's working on my heart about that but I keep reading more and more about that and wondering how to possibly make that work out financially.
Lastly, I've been slowly working on our adoption fundraiser.  One friend informed me that she doesn't agree with the fundraiser idea.  It's her opinion that if someone feels led to adopt, then they need to sacrifice and do so.  It was good for her to share her opinion.  At the same time, I felt like I needed to qualify how we're sacrificing.  And even with us sacrificing things we want/need, we just can't save up the $40,000 that we've been told we'll need.  So this fundraiser is so far going to be an online auction of donated items from friends, family and even businesses and strangers. [if you would like to donate to the auction, please let me know and I will gladly take your donation].  So, that's taking some of my lunch time each day as I email and talk to people about possible donations and some time in the evenings putting the website together to host the auction.
Life is sweet, my husband is a wonderful provider, my kids are precious and God's grace is amazing!

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CORI said...

$40k! Woa! That's like a whole years salary for some. Why is it so expensive??? I assume that includes travel fees. What countries are you thinking of now?

Renae said...

I SO do not agree with your friend! What about those of us who CANNOT have babies???? And it is going to cost us $25-40K too! So because I am infertile, I already have to have someone run paperwork on me, have a physical, and have EVERY area of my life scrutinized and now I have to SACRIFICE some more! Seriously, don't ever tell me who this friend is - I may bite their head off!

And it's not like you're adopting for the fun of it - you are adopting to provide an orphan with the chance of a home and normal, God-loving family!

GRRRR! Hugs to you!

Ashley said...

How is the fundraising going???