23 July 2009

Long Overdue Picture Update

A few from cousin Sarah's wedding: the first is me with cousin Jimmy and his wife Cathy (bride's parents). The second is Bethany dancing with Sarah - we still hear about this from Bethany so she must have loved that. The third is mommy and Bethany on her 2nd birthday which was celebrated at a wedding.

These next few are from the day we ripped the carpet out of "the carpeted room". Bethany was a good little helper and loved playing in the gathered up nasty old carpet.

And a few from the Parade on the 4th of July... neither of my kids appreciate the loud sirens
but they are good sports and wave to everyone...

Bethany and her Grandpa Danny. It was too cute that he drives a school bus and bought her a school bus for her birthday.

One night we went fishing at Beulahland, ate shrimp scampi that Ryan prepared over the fire, had peach cobbler from the dutch oven and played on the swings. Not your typical July weather but we managed to keep warm and have fun.


Amy said...

Cute pics! Looks like you've had a fun summer so far!

Patty said...

Does everyone tell you that Bethany is your mini-me? She looks just like you in that picture of the 2 of you together! Cute pics, love the update!

Ashley said...

The pic of you and Bethany both in red is my favorite. What a good summer - even if the weather isn't typical!