27 July 2009

Snow in July

Though we aren't having our traditional summer heat, this picture isn't of snow in the road ditch. Friday we had two different nasty storms roll through. They weren't wide spread storms but the damage the storms caused was huge for some.

I got a call from Ryan around 4pm. He was out on a farm call and the other vet had just called to tell him about his broken windshield, the calf huts that were flying all over, the broken windows, etc. Ryan was in the hardest hit area. It looked like someone had taken a rotary mower through farms and the clippings were strewn all over the highway. The soybean fields looked hay fields gone bad with little twiggies sticking out of the ground. Corn fields looked like locusts had come through and stripped the stalks and in some fields there was only about 18 inches of stalk remaining.

My phone call with Ryan was entertaining to say the least. Ryan informed me that I wouldn't have to worry about pulling the weeds in my garden. The garden was gone. There were remnants of plants but nothing salvageable. The good news was that we didn't have any trees down and our house was still there.

A short while later I left the office, stopped for a few groceries and picked up the kids. When we were leaving moms the sprinkling was turning to rain. By time I got home (10 minute drive and 7 miles down the road), it was pouring down rain, the wind was blowing and it was hailing like crazy. I pulled onto the lawn and Ryan met me at the van to grab the kids. I moved the van back to its normal spot, pulling it in the old garage as much as possible. As I ran back up the the house, through the rain I noticed a tree had fallen. It wasn't the whole tree and it didn't cause any damage. I was sure thankful that I wasn't still parked by the front door since the tree would have fallen right next to me and scared the tar out of me!

Today brings the usual Monday craziness with the added issue of storm damage. While my boss in on vacation, I get to act in his absence and this time I'm actually having to actually act in his behalf on a few things!

If you would say a prayer for those who have damage: broken windows, destroyed siding, partial and total crop loss. It would be no fun to be in their shoes!

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Ashley said...

No fun to be in their shoes at all!!! Glad the damage to your place was minor... Praying!