16 July 2008

Help Wanted

A few things I need help doing:
1. If I create a fun picture for the top of my blog, how do I get it to replace what's already there?
2. How do I get the list of labels to show up in the margin?
3. I want to categorize my links. When I try this in the template, it doesn't work. In fact, if I change the text saying "links", it goofs it up.
My fellow blogger friends, please help


Jody said...

Picture- go in to your dashboard, then layout. You will see the title and header. Click edit. Insert picture from your computer- (usually about 800 pixels is right but you can try the shrink to fit option). Click "instead of header" button. That should do it.

Labels- click the "add a page element" and labels should be an option. Just click "add" and it should work.

As for categorizing the links,I just used the "link list" element and renamed them. I'm not sure what the issue is there.

Hope that helped! If not drop me an email and we'll arrange a phone conference. :)

Fantastagirl said...

I say listen to Jody - I had no suggestions... sorry!

Ashley said...

OK, I am totally stealing the help here and applying it to my own sorry site!!