16 July 2008

Funny Conversations with Scott recently:

Scott: Daddy, God made everything, right?
Ryan: yes, son
Scott: Then, can he make Grammy a new Zackery (Grammy's teacup poodle that died last year)

Scott holding a green bean in each hand:
left hand: Do you know you're going to get eaten?
right hand: yep, we're going to get eaten...
he proceeded to have a detailed conversation about being veggies and getting eaten.

me: Scott can you carry this into the other room?
Scott: yes, mommy. I'm strong like everybody.
He frequently talks about being strong like everybody because we ask him to eat his meals and drink his milk/juice so he can grow big and strong.

Scott: [takes something away from Bethany]
Bethany: [screams at him]
Scott: oh Bethany, you're being naughty. Go drink your nini bottle.


pjmomof3boys said...

I LOVE listening to the kids when they don't know I'm listening! They say the most precious things!

So glad to meet you! I'm excited to read more about your family! :)

jerelyn said...

haha...SO cute!

Ashley said...

super cute. i love kiddo stories.