29 July 2008

August is Almost Here

I can't believe its been almost two weeks since I've written anything about family life. I'll try to do a quick recap:
  • Scott is potty training. Yes, he's wearing big boy underwear now and loves it. However, he hasn't figured out how to do #2 on the big boy potty yet. Last night was an adventure when he sat on the toilet a million times but wouldn't go (even when bribed). Yet, a few minutes later, while running around without underwear, he decided to poop. Yes, he was pooping while he was running. I'll spare you the rest of the details but let's just say that I wasn't thrilled about the situation.
  • Bethany is jabbering up a storm and repeats many words, although not clear yet.
  • Bethany has this wave she does when she says bye-bye that will steal your heart!
  • Scott loves his sister but also loves to keep her away from his toys. He's a pain about it for sure. Eventually she'll be bigger and tougher than him and he'll let her do what she wants.
  • Stayed home with the kids last Friday. They love their new pool which is more like a puddle than a pool but they seem happy.
  • Things are crazy busy at work. I could spend all my waking hours there and still not catch up. Lots of flood relief work out in the warm, humid weather. I love it, even if I sweat like crazy, but am worn out when I get home.
  • Ryan has been working solo for the past 9 days. Good thing they weren't swamped! Being on call every night wears on you even if you don't have to go out a ton. We're glad Steve is back.

Looking forward. August will be a busy month. We have lots of stuff going on in the next few weeks. September will follow suit I'm sure. I thought we'd picked a date to go home to CA only to find out that the class reunion is scheduled for the weekend before. So, I was tentatively thinking that weekend. Only to realize on Sunday that the reunion weekend is the same weekend I committed to an inner city missions trip. Arrg. Anyone wanna take my missions trip spot so I can go to my class reunion? And on top of that, I'm wishing I could make a trip home by myself to spend a few days with the girls.


Jody said...

Pooping on the potty was most difficult with Brenna, too. We went through a lot of underwear...

So hard to believe Bethany is chattering...

Ashley said...

Can't wait to see you when you come home!