16 August 2007

Picture Update

Ryan has to walk dogs that board at the clinic. Here Scott is walking Zachary, my folks' dog who hates to board but didn't have a choice. Scott also walked another toy poodle that happened to be boarding and loved it. He cried when he couldn't walk Moses, the besinji, that bites. He whined about it the whole way home!

Not a pretty picture at all but the only one I had on my digital of the two of them. Bethany sure is growing and starting to look different in the face.

Scott and Drew giggling in front of the sign. I thought I had a different picture where it looks like Scott is whispering in her ear.

Scott and Drew feeding the fish while Bethany sleeps in the background and Tebbe holds the kids from falling into the 45 degree water. This shows the bucket of food they gave us. It pays to know someone :)

Sitting along side the fish "tank" at the hatchery. I do have the cutest little boy!


The only way we could get him to sit on the "big boy" toilet at first was to give him a book to read. This kid loves to read!

Cupcake fun during play day. It was quite the mess to clean up.


Kristine said...

Great pictures! sorry about the car trouble. It's never convenient timing, is it? You look GREAT! And your sweeties are too cute. Just when Scott will start to eat neater is about the time Bethany will start making a big mess. That's where we're at! Circles of parenting, I tell ya:)

Amy said...

Love the pictures...I emailed you.

Fantastagirl said...

Love the pictures - yes, you do have the cutest little boy, and a beautiful baby girl.

sorry to hear about the Chevy's - yep - the fuel pumps seem to go out on those - and why is it that it's always $700 or more to get it fixed?

jerelyn said...

Soooooo cute!! Your little guy is getting so big! :-) And that pic of him and your friend's daughter is adorable. They look as though they were having such a great time!

Kristin said...

You made it to the fish hatchery! I'm jealous! :) just kidding....

Love the picture of Scott on the john - I mean, reading!

Ashley said...

great pics!!