13 August 2007

Okay, so its been a while again. And today I had a brilliant idea to come to my mom's house even though they're in California, to post a few stories and read up on a few things. I also planned to make a postcard to send to my mom and Ralph in California. So, I dragged the two kids to town and my effort has been somewhat pointless. I downloaded my new digital camera yesterday and only left pictures that I needed to print off to scrap book. So, I have one crappy picture that I could share and now a crying baby. But, I think she'll fall back asleep so here's an update.

First off, out of nowhere, my mom's computer is playing music and I have nothing open... weird!

Tebbe's Visit
One of my best buddies came out for a weekend visit. She brought her daughter is who is just a few months younger than SCott. They played wonderfully together and I was so glad to spend a few quality hours with my friend. It rained when we wanted to play outside and was really beautiful weather otherwise. Our kids visited the nature center. Scott was scared to death of the live turtles and wouldn't get close to the stuffed bear or moose while Drew loved everything, even the turtle that pee'd all over the place twice. We also visited the local trout hatchery. I work with these guys all the time but in five years here had never actually been to the hatchery. The kids were spoiled with a bucket of food to feed the fish rather than paying a quarter for a few morsels. They fed the brood trout and loved every minute of it. That afternoon we stopped at my moms where the kids went swimming in Scott's little pool. That was the only thing that didn't go over so well. When both kids got out, the water was dirty and I quickly learned that it wasn't from them getting in and out but rather from MY kid pooping in his little swimmy! Yeah, that was a fun diaper to clean!!!! We did find a few minutes to go out and take pictures in the wild flowers of the rolling hills just down the road from my house. (pictures to come, hopefully)

6 week check up
I had my regular check up with the doctor. I was cleared to do everything I want to do :) She also gave me another 10 days off because my mom (aka daycare provider) is on an emergency trip to California. So, instead of finding someone to pawn my kids off on when Bethany still isn't taking a bottle so well, I get to stay home with them.

Leaving the check up was drama
(okay baby is crying again and Scott has climbed upstairs and is hollering down at me... we'll see what I get typed) It was a quick trip to Dtown for a check up. I took one of the HS girls with me to watch Scott during the appt. As I was stopped at the clinic drive to turn out on the highway, my car leaped forward even though I hadn't taken my foot off the gas. Long story short, my car died in the turn lane of the highway. It was hot, I had two kids in the car and didn't know who to call. With a little help from a friend, a toy truck was on the way. Can you say that you've ever ridden in your car on the back of the tow truck? After suggesting I sit and wait with two kids, a HS girl and an emotional me, they gave me a loaner car. Why would I be emotional anyway, I did just have a kid, right? I also didn't have my credit card, had one check in my check book and was over tired. To top it off, my mom called me while I was on the tow truck to tell me she missed me already. I was so frustrated I cried. And the drama didn't end there, that night I jumped out of the loaner car to drop off some squash to a friend. I returned to a LOCKED car! Yes, I was freaking out. A 40 minute drive, 630pm and the doors were locked. Scott was asleep but Bethany was crying her head off. I said a quick prayer and grabbed the handle on the back door to find that it was open. THANK YOU GOD! After all that, I picked up my car two days later and upon paying the dealership $690 (thank you retirement account), I drove my little Cavalier home. Whew-wee.

Two Days, Two Kids, Too Much Crying
Who knows what Bethany's deal is. I kinda think that she's just spoiled. But she's been whiny and crying the past few days. And that's manageable. But when my two year old is doing the same thing, it's a bit much. Scott has had a snotty nose and had his fingers in his mouth; maybe its his two-year molars? All I know is those two days were not fun-filled and I was thankful when my husband came home and could help with the crying babies. Now, a few days later, Scott's nose isn't as bad and its not teeth. He must have had a cold.

Oh, Tomorrow
Tomorrow is a new day. I may have to go into the office for a bit, which is fine. And then tomorrow night is girls night out. Of course, I'll take my attachment which is easier than pumping at this point. But Scott, he'll stay with his dad. I'm excited.


Fantastagirl said...

Have been wondering how things are going.

Car - that has to be frustrating, not fun at all.


Jody said...

LOL Welcome to my life. :) If one goes up, they both do! Your hands will be full while you are at home but you will miss it when you return to work. Really. There are days I can't wait to get away but I find that I want to return more.

Amy said...

I have heard this before, that having one child is like having a pet, having two is actually parenting....sounds like you're really feeling it. Hang in there. We are all right there with you having our good days and then really crappy days! Love you!

Kristine said...

Hang in there... you're doing great. Welcome to the crazy juggling world. Glad you got a couple extra days at home. Thinking of you!!!

me said...

OMG, you can drink some wine now right?!!!

You poor thing. Glad to see an update though!

Amy said...

Tammy I need your email address.....

aka_Meritt said...

I could picture sitting in the stopped position when your car jumped ahead and I felt it. Sorry to hear you had the car issues right during a time when you really didn't need any more on your plate!

Kristin said...

As always, you handled things calmly my friend - glad to hear the car situation worked itself out!

Ashley said...

Yay for friends visiting! Sounds like there is never a dull moment in your house!:-)