01 November 2005

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what a nice weekend we had. mom kept scott friday night and saturday. of course i had to stop and see my kid after work. he has a cold and sounds like a goose. poor thing. he literally slept all day except when he was being fed. mom would wake him up to change his diaper. i was there and he slept through his feeding and i changed his diaper quick before i left. of course he woke up then and was so playful so i had to stay longer. Was there for about 90 minutes – so much for Friday night with my honey! saturday i made my honey breakfast in bed after i pumped. then we headed to waterloo for some shopping. hello transfer from the savings account! it was a fun day though, nice to just hang out with ryan and not worry about caring for our little guy. i love playing with and watching scott so it was nice to give ryan my full attention for a while. mom needed some rest so i took my kid home saturday night. he sounded pretty good but we kept him home Sunday from church. ryan went to church while i stayed home and then he came home and i went to the church to help some friends with their 25th anniv party. it was nice to have a slow non-rushed weekend.

It went well to begin with. Now that I’m feeding scott every morning at 530, the follow-up pumping doesn’t go so well. I think my boobs are confused about making milk vs. letting it down. Later that morning at work while pumping, I wasn’t giving my full attention. And to spare all of you the details (especially Cori), I’ll just say that I overflowed the bottle. I’m so an 18 lb. cow with awesome milk supply. Anyway, it ran down my right thigh. Fortunately scott’s diaper bag got left in my car so I got a baby wipe and tried to clean it up. It was a bigger mess at first but by time it dried, you could hardly tell what had spilled. Baby wipes are awesome!

Beggar’s Night
The phrase takes on more and more meaning every year. I’m not into Halloween and could care less about it. BUT, I fell into the temptation and bought Scott the cutest outfit from Old Navy. It’s all about the photo op and showing off my kid. So, we went to mom’s and had a massive bowl of candy. Not many visitors but the majority of kids that came SUCKED! They didn’t even say “trick-or-treat”. What the heck! And there were kids that weren’t dressed up at all! Last year since we were at a friend’s house, I told a few big kids they needed to get a costume before I would give them candy. This year we had the same thing (different town). One time it was 4 HS kids, 3 of them had dressed up. So I gave them crappy suckers. I figured they were too old and could buy their own candy. There were even little kids that were dressed in their regular clothes. One kid had a mask that didn’t even stay on his face. He’s from our church so I made sure to ask him (and loud enough for his mom to hear) where his costume was. One kid had some “swords” through his belt loop with normal clothes and said he was a knight. Come on parents, lets get a little more creative. I would be embarrassed to take me kid out begging for candy if he wasn’t in a costume. AND, I had Scott in his cute little costume and only got two compliments on it. One was a little guy dressed as a lion. He was a bit young to say “t-or-t” but he clearly said “baby”. My favorite was a family of 3 kids: one was darth vador, one was r2-d2 and the baby in the stroller was yoda. They were awesome! Before heading home I had to stop at Shane & Michelle’s (a couple from my bible study) and show them Scott. Here’s what they got to see: If you want to see him in person, come to the Valley play off game on Wednesday night. I’m dressing him up again for everyone to see :) Okay, off to a few meetings and an overnight trip to Des Moines.


CORI said...

What's up with kids not dressing up this year???

We didn't even get any trick-or-treaters at our door and my coworkers said that the few they got all had sucky costumes.

I thought Halloween was supposed to be a fun holiday!

Ashley said...

I didn't see the pics. It could be my computer being dumb. I'm sure they are adorable!

Anonymous said...

The milk story was soo much fun:) I really don't want to have kids cuz my breasts are going to get bigger. They are already between 2D or 3D depending on my monthly. Oh man am I going to have problems, haha! Nothing to worry about right now though:) As for your Babies Pics I can't wait to see them online, since I wont be able to make the game, haha! Happy to see everything is going well:)
God bless,
Snoopy :0]

jerelyn said...

Parents need to find cute little costumes for their kids!! What's the deal with that? I'm glad you found a cute outfit for lil' Scott--and at OLD NAVY!!! Perfect! :-)