16 November 2005

Scott's 1st snow

Okay so it has been drizzling the past few days which has been both good and bad. Good to replenish our groundwater supply and hopefully keep our well functioning for another year. Bad for Ryan who's outside working cattle in the rain and wind. Yesterday we were in Guttenberg, a cute little town on the Miss...i River. On my way back to the office, the snow started turning to a sleet like substance. Just as we pulled into the office it turned to snow. About 45 minutes later as I headed home (further west), there was more snow falling. It was so gorgeous. BUT, because it was a nice gentle rain that turned to snow, it created a little bit of ugly in the midst of the beauty. The snow on the roads mixed with rain was a little slushly so I did slide around a bit on the way home. This morning, the water on the roads, sidewalks, driveways, etc had turned to ice. And becuase we had 25-40 mph winds, the ice was nice and polished. Before I left the house Ryan called to let me know that the snow drifted in the driveway and I'd have to get a good run at it. Plus the driveway was ice and I would need to be careful there. With my experiences last winter, his phone call made me a bit nervous. As I got outside and headed down the driveway, things weren't near as bad as I had imagined. As usual, the 20 mile stretch of county highway that I drive had yet to be plowed. I met the plow half way and he was plowing the other direction as usual. Most people leave early when the weather is bad to give themselves more time to get to work. I leave later in hopes that maybe some of the road just might be plowed or have sand on it. I did make it to work safely. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Scott and his first snow. Its already dark tonight so I'll hope for some pictures tomorrow.
Already the week is crazy and I'm super tired. I've gone to bed at 9pm the last two nights. I must be getting old!


Anonymous said...

So tell me, do you enjoy the weather, snow and all, or do you miss the California weather!? I must admit that I am not the least bit jealous of you living where it snows, I cannot imagine it! I'm enjoying the 70 degree afternoons we're having this time of year. Lots of love to you. ~Patty

momma of 2 said...

Just take it slower - and you'll do fine. You didn't grow up in Snow country did you? I always smile because the first snow of the year everyone forgets how to drive. I am headed to Ames tomorrow - I should have easy driving - glad all this came yesterday and today!

jerelyn said...

Oh Tammy, I'm so jealous! You're the THIRD person today to "tell me" (the others actually TOLD ME, I just read about it from you) that it was snowing where they are...also there in your region (Minnesota and Illinois). Someday, I'm going to live where it gets really cold and actually snows in the winter. None of this 70 degrees in the middle of November stuff anymore. :-)
Drive carefully!! And I'm looking forward to seeing a few pics of Scott and his first snow. :-)