17 November 2005


I do love the weather, that is until it changes. Late this summer I was anxiously awaiting fall and winter. We instantly got winter weather this year. It was 60 degrees less than a week ago and this morning it was 5 degrees when I left for work with snow and ice on the ground. Our grass never even turned brown this year. We had a beautiful fall weather, perfect for laying out in the hammock (not that we did that this year, our hammock is falling apart). Do I miss the CA weather? Umm, not sure. Cold, damp, bone chilling winter, nope don't miss that. The cold here is different. Even though it was 5 degrees this morning, it wasn't bad. I even went outside and through the goat two apples and an avacado. Yesterday though was a different story when it was in the high 20's and windy. That was COLD! The wind makes all the difference out here. I do however miss the beautiful CA sunshine, playing on the river or lake and eating fresh fruit while getting a tan. I loved multi-tasking like that. It doesn't happen these days. And the two days I did go outside to tan this year, I looked like a beach whale laying out one day. The other day I sat on the riding mower and my belly hung over so much that you couldn't tell that I had bottoms on. I miss things about CA and definitely the people but I absolutely love where I live, the change in seasons, the friendly people here and more.

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jerelyn said...

Ah...the weather sounds just lovely! I'd like to experience one of those days where it's 5 degrees outside. I can't even IMAGINE it!! Well, I can...but you know what I mean. :-) Maybe this summer you'll be able to lay outside and tan without a little boy in your belly!

Maybe?? :-)