19 October 2005

My Scott-R bug

Oh how I love being a mom. Being Ryan's wife is wonderful but being Scott's mom is such an added bonus. He's becomming so much more lively lately. He smiles ALL the time and makes lots of noise. Trying to talk and already able to say "mom-mom". Okay, maybe its not quite mom but he does make sounds and if I jiggle his pacifier just right, it sounds like "mom-mom". Scott jabbers and drools all the time now. He's so much fun! He's doing well at keeping himself entertained for short periods of time. For the most part he's entertained by checking things out that have color in them. This morning he stared at Mt. Dew box while I ate breakfast. My little guy really likes TV and will zoom right in on that when we're in the living room. The last few days he's really worked on his hand-eye coordination and last night he reached out and grabbed my finger for the first time. Of course everything that he does get hold of gets pulled directly towards his mouth :) He's also doing fantastic at sleeping well. We put him down at 10ish and he slept till 7 during the weekend. The last 3 days, Ryan has gone in Scott's room to wake him up so we can feed him quick and take him to his grammy's. I'm so thankful for more sleep.

Since Scott turned 3 months on Friday. I thought this would be a perfect time to take some fall pictures. I really wanted to put him inside a pumpkin and take a few pics so we did just that. We went down to Dutton's Cave (a county park) just a few miles from our house and had fun with the cameras. Ryan had the digital and I had the regular one. Used up 3 rolls of film while we were there. The following are a few of the digital shots Ryan captured:

Scott holding on for dear life before we get in the van to leave. He's always gripping something. (as I was loading the next picture, I noticed Scott's middle finger showing off once again)

The first pictures we took were of Scott in the creek. It was a gorgeous view both up and downstream. This isn't the picture with the great views but if you click on it for a bigger image, you'll see that Scott has just spit up. It went all down his shirt, sleeve and finally puddled on the rock. I ended up having to change his outfit.
Okay, there's more pictures but my stupid computer won't let me add them for some reason. I tried and tried! Maybe I'll try again in a little bit. I have some real cute ones.


CORI said...

such cute pics!! He's an adorable little baby. I especially love his little bulldog cap.

momma of 2 said...

I love fall - and he is sooo cute - how can you not take pictures of him out in the beautiful fall colors?

Jennifer said...

You sum up motherhood just right. being a wife is wonderful, but being a mom is the best thing ever!