07 October 2005

Cori's Shoes
I could so put myself in Cori's shoes today. Just wanting to eat healthy, exercise and be intimate with my husband. But I have all kinds of excuses for not getting those things accomplished. I try to eat healthy but its hard to do when you don't have the best food supply without driving 45 minutes. I want to get out and run or walk again but I'm not motivated enough to do that on my own and my walking buddy has been busy. And the whole initmacy thing is a totally different ball game with a 12 week old and a busy schedule. Now its Friday and Ryan is gone up to Minneapolis for the weekend so I won't get to see him again until Sunday sometime.


CORI said...

I have a hard enough time motivating myself and I have no responsibilities after work. I have no idea how you're able to find the energy with a newborn.

Mandy said...

Welcome to my world!;)