28 October 2005

puke & colds

yeah, that's always a fun topic. Wednesday night I picked Scott up at mom's, ate some wonderful smoked pork chops, green beans and some funky squash (it had lots of butter and brown sugar so it was good) with the folks before going home. By time I pulled in the driveway, Scott was letting me know he was hungry. Got in the house and after a quick trip to bano, I fed my son. Twice, he spit up on me while he was eating - once on each side. That irritates me but what can you do? About 15 minutes later, the kid just let loose. And let me remind everyone that he doesn't spit up a little, its usually 1-2 ounces with each spit up. He eats approximately 45 ounces a day (a lot for his age) but he spits up about half of that usually. Anyway, so he spit up and it went down the bottom of my shirt, hit my jeans, ran down the crotch of my jeans, hit the leather chair and kept moving until it puddled underneath me. Of course I reacted and wanted to toss my kid down so I could clean up the mess before it soaked into the soft leather. I gently laid my kid on a blanket and started to soak up what milk my jeans didn't absorb. It was nasty, my jeans were soaked in the crotch, it was such a yucky feeling.
Every night is a puke story of course. Last night we were at teh UNI Dome watching our high school play their last football game. At 9pm, I fed Scott and tried to burp him (he doesn't always burp). We got a few burps out and then I took him over to his dad. Ryan wasn't holding him too long when Scott spit up and it went all the way down Ryan's shirt, splattered on his boot and then puddled on the floor. The kid is a spitter! Poor Ryan had to sit the rest of the game, plus the drive home with lovely breast milk down his shirt. I'm sure it dried before we got home.

we all have colds around our house. It's so sad to hear my little Scott-R coughing and sneezing. He's in good hands with his grammy today. She was planning on keeping him tonight and tomorrow night so Ryan and I could do some Christmas shopping. We'll see how that goes with the cold issues.


Mama Duck said...

Sorry to hear about the wet crotch thing. That does suck.

We're all battling colds, snotty noses and crabbiness here too. As I say daily, it seems that I'm up to my armpits in boogies and poop.

CORI said...

YUCK! Tammy!!!!

You're making me not want to have kids!!! EEWWWWWW!!!