08 April 2005

Monday I wrote about feeling good. Go figure that it all went down hill just after that. Had some major nasty cramp that lasted an hour that evening. Thought it was no big deal at first but it got worse. Felt like someone was stabbing me! After 30 minutes, we called the doc and he said it was probably round ligament pain. I got the pain part! Needless to say, I didn’t move much except a potty break, grabbed some food and later got up and went to bed. Tuesday night we hung out at the Royer’s and I got to hold Daniel. (He’s 4 weeks old now and I didn’t make him cry this time – woo hoo! This is the little boy that I hoped would be a girl so we could marry them off but he’s darn cute anyway and I’ll find plenty others to marry my child off to). I had the cramp scare again but it was just gas this time – isn’t that precious! Tuesday was interesting when I got home. Ryan was having a bad day and trying hard to not take it out on me. Its hard to leave work and work though and I was, needless to say, eager to go for a walk and then head off for bible study. Keep us in your prayers as both of our stress levels are increasing rapidly with work and the baby.

Otherwise not much going on. The usual schedule. But, I’m getting bigger by the day and need more clothes. Yeah, Ryan really doesn’t like when I resort to my last pair of normal pants that go low enough and were big enough. Their khakis and have holes around the pockets that highlight my undies. It is really tacky, I know but I hate to buy clothes that I won’t wear for too long. I’ll be shopping this weekend for another pair of pants as well as some shorts and capri’s. Wish me luck.

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