07 April 2005

Each weekday, I receive an email that has romantic ideas I can use on my honey. I added a few of the recent ones I liked. They're excerpted from "Simply Romantic Ideas: 150 Fun and Creative Ways to Romance Your Husband". If you're not married, you can change it up a bit for your boyfriend or even a buddy.
1. Romantic Gift Ideas: Give him an envelope that contains a check and an announcement that says, "You've just won $50 (or whatever amount you choose) to spend any way you want, for being a wonderful husband!"
2. Ideas for Romantic Dates: Take your husband to the church where you were married and have a picnic lunch on the church steps or lawn. (Remember to bring your wedding album.)
3. Romantic Gift Ideas: Give him a card that acknowledges his provision, leadership, strength, courage, etc., especially when he is in a stressful season at work.

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