28 April 2005

I have such a wonderful husband. Last week was wonderful – he was so sweet and thoughtful. I even got a dozen roses one day. He was just more loving that usual. Not the typical guy love either. He hugged and kissed me more and didn’t necessarily have any expectations from that. He seemed happier. Finally I questioned him about it and he’d noticed too that his attitude had improved and his reasoning was that he’d had some time off work. The poor guy is busy at work and often frustrated with something there, then he’d have to come home to a whiny wife. Both of us feeling better was so nice. Our house was kept up and things were in some kind of order.

Ryan is awesome all the time (I just focus on the negative). I’m so blessed and so thankful for my husband. We’ll soon be looking at a two year anniversary. My how things have changed and how we’ve adjusted and grown together as a couple. In two short and sweet years, much has happened for both of us. Ryan has been a wonderful handy man and worked to remodel, build and create things for me. He understands that I speak all the love languages and works hard to communicate those with me.

I remember thinking a year ago about having children. And I’m so selfish that I knew that I’d have a lot to learn. But I also remember thinking that Ryan would have TONS to learn and to be honest, I was a bit concerned about how we would deal as parents. And I focused on all Ryan’s shortcomings (as if I don’t have enough of my own to keep my thoughts busy). Now, as this pregnancy begins winding down, there’s no doubt in my mind that Ryan will be the best dad and a wonderful example to his child. Oh, I’m so blessed to have Ryan as my other half!!!


Carrie said...

You are both going to be amazing parents!

Kristin said...

How awesome that you both have learned so much from God and each other in your relationship thus far! And wow - almost two years already! I'm sure you find lot os new things to learn once you are officially parents :)

Jennifer said...

Don't you just love those "my husband is so wonderful" moments? Currently I am in a "my husband is getting on my nerves" stage.