17 August 2009


I think life is done revolving around Mexico for now. Don't get me wrong, I loved every minute of Mexico life but at the same time I think my husband felt like he was a single parent some days.

Friday night our team met for our post trip meeting. It was a good time of reflection and asking questions about the trip. Like everything we've done, it was a little rushed but I'm thankful that our leader is understanding of our need for family time and allows for the rush.

Sunday after church was a mad rush to get home, eat something, and get back to the church. Ryan baked me a cake on Saturday (while I cleaned his bathroom) and I decorated it to look like the Mexican flag. At 330 wet met Mexico City Pastor Jaime's son, Israel (and wife) at the church. They are living just 2 hours from us and came up for our evening presentation. We visited a little and headed to a neighboring town for Mexican food. We got back in time for our presentation. It was a good, but lengthy, time. After the fact I thought we should have spent more time reminiscing on Friday night rather than rushing home. As we sat through the slide show of amazing photography by Kara, I moved to sit with Israel and Paola. Watching the slide show certainly made me miss our experience there so I asked Israel if it made him miss home. It did. So much that he shed a few tears.

We were blessed in so many ways last night. Blessed to share with our community. Blessed to meet another member of the Becerra family. Blessed to connect with each other. And blessed to hear from Israel that according to what he saw in pictures and the stories he heard, that he thinks we did transform that area. I'm so blessed to have played a tiny role in that community.

This morning should be back to work as normal, right? Only its still not so normal. Thoughts of Mexico are still impacting me. Ryan and I had a little date night on Saturday (woo hoo!) and we watched confessions of a shopaholic. It was so sad to think that our culture really is like that after having been in Mexico where people have very little and where $4 is a lot of money. Within just a few hours I received 3 emails from Mexico friends and am distracted beyond mention. Oh how I wish it was 2 hours away and I could go there for the weekend!

*** A big thank you to my amazing love for being supportive and loving while I prepared for Mexico, while I was gone, and even after returning home but still busy with Mexico things. I love you!

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