10 August 2009


I'm home from Mexico and still trying to process it all. I think reverse culture shock is a bit of an issue. When we stopped Rochester for a bite to eat, I felt really akward walking on such a huge, clean sidewalk with no one and no noise around.

Would you pray for me as I continue to process the trip, seek God on how I feel He's burdening my heart, all while I'm expected to jump right back into the home and work environments that I left.

I was so glad to be home but so sad to be gone from Mexico.

Last night I got the most sleep I've had in 9 days and was even in a bed. But today I'm exhausted!

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Patty said...

Praying for you as you transition back into your normal daily routine! I enjoyed reading your posts while you were in Mexico - I thought it was really special of you to include a message to each member of the family.