17 September 2008

real quick...

Real quick update:
- we made it to CA safe and sound
- I love Enterprise car rental, we got a free upgrade to a mini van cause the lady thought we'd like that better
- Being up at 2am central time makes for a long day
- Going to bed at 8pm west coast time isn't early enough
- When you're not used to a cat in the house, and you're really tired, dealing with a cat at 11pm is not fun.  (Ashley, don't worry, Jersey was fine.  We just closed the door to our/your room to keep her from bugging the kids and Jersey didn't like it.  At 11pm, we carried the food and litter box to the garage)
- It is so good to be back home!!!!

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Ashley said...

Yes, he can be a stinker - which is why he goes in the garage for bed time. Sorry about that! He has this thing about throwing his body up against the door if he can't get in my room. If he does that again just put him in the garage early. Sometimes he goes in there as early as 8:30 if I am too tired to deal with him!! Bad kitty!!!

Jody said...

Glad you made it safe! Have a great time!

jerelyn said...

Yay, your in Ktown!! Only a week left, right? Hope you're enjoying our nice weather. Do I get to see you soon?