30 September 2008

Headed Home

We need to leave by 915am to return the car and catch our 1115am flight. We have two lay overs, one in Vegas and one in Denver before we get back to Iowa. According to Scott, we'll be flying on a little plane, then a big plane, then a little plan to get home. Our flight is scheduled to land at 1157pm. We'll have to find our car before we can load up and drive 2 hours home. Yes, it will be a long day!

***updated the morning after***
Flights all went well. We were delayed out of Vegas which was no big deal to us. Enjoyed the breaks in between flights when Bethany ran off some energy and Scott watched a movie. We actually landed in Iowa 20 minutes early. We were home and in bed by 3am. My legs and hips were so sore it took a while for me to fall asleep. I woke up at 630am and tried to sleep but finally climbed out of bed just before 7am and was only an hour late to work. Just pulled my contacts out since my eyes were bothering me - lack of sleep, maybe.

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Ashley said...

Must have been rough going back to work so soon!!