11 September 2008

Questions for Ashley

Ashley, since you're locked out of your email, I'm pasting the email I sent you on Tuesday below:

I can't believe its a week away!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel like there's a lot to be in communication with you about, sorry I haven't done a better job of that.
Our flight lands at 233 on the 16th.  Kristine (last name with held here) will be meeting us at the airport to bring us car seats so we don't have to haul ours out there.  We should be in Kburg some time around 4-ish.  I don't have a clue what your work schedule is like and I was thinking (and may be wrong) that you work in Fres__.  So, we'll probably hang out at Kristine's for a while to give you a chance to get back to town.  But that's all totally up to you, I just don't want to inconvennience you (as if that's possible when we're invading your house).
A couple of questions I have:
- do you by some odd chance have a pack-n-play or a little crib at your house?  If not, I think Kristine has one that we've borrowed before.  I know that she uses it for her daycare so she may not be able to give it up for 2 weeks, I haven't asked yet.
- I think we'll be on the go quite a bit.  But for some down time, I'd like to just hide out at the house.  I talked to Nicole (name with held, think beautiful brown skin, big hair, loves the Lord, a year younger than me) yesterday and she wants to hang out too.  Would it be okay to invite people over to veg on the couch with?  I don't think that would happen very often because I imagine we'll be spending a fair amount of time with family and running around.
- What else should I know or be asking about... I've never stayed somewhere besides my dad's or mom's before.
How's the ADX picnic looking?  I did view the evite the other day.  I was totally bummed that Mandy may not be making it.  When is she due?  And Kristine, I totally wanted to see her too.  Those two were both pledge sisters so I was sad to see that it wouldn't work for either of them.  I know that Mel is in San Antonio now so she won't be home.  But, what about Deborah?  Have you heard from her?  And Natasha, does anyone talk to her anymore.  I got a note that someone named Natasha soemthing-or-other added me to facebook.  Maybe it was her, I don't know since I've not been on facebook for quite a while.
Where are you going to church these days? 
I think that's it for now.  Of course most of my questions come while I'm driving home or getting ready for work, not a time when I'm at email :)
Hope you're having a good week

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1 comment:

Ashley said...

Hi! Yes, long story, but Yahoo STILL has me locked out of my account. It is so lame. They are wasting their time keeping me out of my own account when they could concentrate on someone who really deserves it. Please pray I get in soon. I seriously am going crazy about it.

I do work in F town and won't be back until 6 PMish. I am going to leave the key under the mat for you. So, let yourself in and make yourself at home.

I don't have a pack and play or crib. Brooke might. I will ask her tonight.

You are so more then welcome to invite people over to the house. Feel free to also use whatever kitchen items you want as well - I'm assuming you will be buying groceries for breakfast and whatnot anyway. My house is your house - seriously. That doesn't bother me at all. And, my laptop will stay there as my parents have one, so you will have Internet access as well.

I will leave the garage door opener should you want it. I also have a list in general re: watering plants and how to take care of the cat. Hopefully I can get into my email as that's where I have it saved!! It's nothing hard and you haven't done for your own household a zillion times.

I know, I was wondering if we should change the day of the picnic since so many can't make it?? I'm surprised Mandy doesn't want to come even if she has a newborn (she is usually brave that way) and I have only read Deb's blog. Maybe she will come if Megan is better? As far as I know Natasha has dropped off the edge of the Earth - I don't think that anyone has heard from her.

I am going to the Baptist church. And, that guy I told you about, rumor has it he is seeing someone.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Looking forward to seeing you!

love ya! a.