04 June 2007

One Wet Weekend

Did I mention Scott's appointment from last week yet?
Trying to make a long, frustrating story short... I asked the doctor about Scott's seizure medicine when there about Scott falling out of the tree house. I had him look at it because we were told it was medicine and they even set it to the correct dose. But, we recently saw a sticker on it that identifies it as not being real medicine. Doctor said that the medicine was empty. And I'm not so sure of that so I double check with the pharmacist. But what he noticed that outraged me was the dosage. It was set for an adult dose. When I candidly mentioned that we didn't want to knock him out for several days as the medicine is Valium and his reply was "or permanently". Are you kidding??? For the past almost 3 months, we've either been carrying around an empty medicine container or a medicine container set at a dose that could be lethal!!! I'm so irritated with that whole situation!

Poor child is accident prone lately
Just 6 days after falling out of his play thing and wimping around for 4 days, Scott had another minor incident yesterday. Ryan almost has the swing set ready for use. Because we've had lots of rain lately and because the area is bare ground right now, Ryan opted to leave Scott's infant swing on the tree instead of moving it to the new set where its really muddy. My child loves to swing really high and Ryan pushes him as high as he can. Well, the rope finally rubbed through and broke. Here's my kid, mid way through the air swinging backwards and the rope breaks. The swing falls, stays suspended in mid-air by the other side and Scott stays secured in the little harness straps. Meanwhile I freak out, Scott starts crying and Ryan is helping calm him down. He caught a little rope burn on the back of his neck which was gone in a few hours. I held him in my arms on the ground and when he was done being scared, he continued to cry because he was mad that he couldn't swing any more. So, Ryan got out his tools and moved the swing to the new swing set. We spent some time stomping around in the mud, pushing Scott on his new and improved swing!

Rain, it's lovely!
We've had over 2 inches of rain this weekend. The storms have been short but beautiful. It pours for a few minutes, then goes back to a light rain for a while and then pours again for a few minutes. I like the rain.

Baby bird
Scott has this book called Are You My Mother that he really likes for us to read. It talks about a baby bird. Saturday when I was getting ready to mow, I saw a baby bird and about 15 feet away found the nest. Scott got quite the kick out of it while I held back the cat who also wanted to play with it. Come to find out, it was a grackel (what hubby calls them) and they're a pain. Rum Tum the cat took care of the baby bird for us and Ryan attempted to take care of the mother in the tree but she flew away before he came back out with a gun.

Last night
Yesterday my kid started coughing and sounded congested. It got progressively worse. By time I put him to bed, I'd given him pediacare. I listened to him wheeze and whine and toss and turn till midnight when he woke up crying. That was the beginning of a long, sleepless night. After a second dose of Tylenol and pediacare, it was some time between 3 and 4am when I finally got to sleep. At 5am, I made it back to my own bed where I found some comfort (as if that's possible for me at this point). The morning came way too fast and I'm looking forward to a shorter than "normal" day today.


CORI said...

Poor Scott ;-(

Little boys drive me crazy cuz they are always being rough and getting hurt. Just wait until Scott gets his first broken bones and stitches.

Kristin said...

Way to go Rum Tum!!