16 July 2013

Simple Things

Taking a few minutes to be quiet before the Lord today with this beautiful view.

Asking the Lord to continue grow me, stretch me, and give me wisdom.  I'm far from perfect and God has plenty to reveal to me, so inviting that in is a little scary.  And necessary.

As is common with quiet times, I was easily distracted.  

I'll take that.  What mom wouldn't enjoy a few moments loving on her sweet girl.

and sharing a goofy smile

 Her time dancing with her Daddy was over and she'd come outside to find her momma.  This girl sweet talked me into kicking my boots off so we could jump on the trampoline together.

Those empty boots were too tempting for my country girl.  She pushed her bare feet into Momma's boots.
Oh Lord, would my heart and actions be worth mimicking...   

Trampoline fun is typically Daddy's thing.  But I couldn't resist.  We bounced and danced, swatted bugs, and watched the sunset together.

 We played outside for just a few minutes before we headed back into the house.  Walking hand-in-hand up the steps, we found this cutie snuggled into an empty clay pot. 

Simple things.  Priceless.

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