13 July 2013

Celebrating Scott

Our first born turns 8 tomorrow.  

With a few friends and family over, we had a bit of old fashioned fun celebrating.  We played baseball in the pasture, 

Had an impromptu seed spitting contest:

Opened gifts 

and ate a quick meal before we had cake and ice-cream:

Scott, earlier when Ryan dropped off Caleb and Michah, he said he could still remember the day you were born.  You know what buddy?  We remember too.  In fact, I remember when we found out we were pregnant with you.  We remember when you would go crazy moving around and kicking inside momma's belly if she at skittles.  We remember that from the start you loved your momma.  So much so, in fact, that you didn't want to come out of my belly!  Eight years later, we continue to be amazed at your God-given talents, your compassionate heart, your awesome ability to light up a room with a smile, and the love you extend to your family.  Scott, we continue to pray that you will use these God-given talents and any new ones to bring glory to the King who created you.  Happy birthday son.  We love you!

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