06 March 2012

Great Way to Wake Up

I've been trying to work out more. Not crazy weight lifting like I used to do. More along the lines of just being healthier and stretching, doing crunches, and strengthening my back while trying to eat healthier. [here's where I pretend like I didn't take a teaspoon full of cake frosting for a snack ealier] ahem, anyway. I go to bed late, which makes waking up in the morning not so easy-peasy. But I know that I need to get up earlier so that I can have time to work out, get ready for work, do breakfast dishes, and maybe catch a quick read. So last night when going to bed, it was late again. And my cell phone was on the kitchen counter again which meant I'd wake up to Ryan's alarm - 30 minutes after I wanted to get up.

So, when I had my nightly chat with the Lord who knows the big and little details of my life, I made a simple request. Something along the lines of "Lord, I want to get up in the morning. Help me to be rested and motivated to get up earlier." And when I woke up this morning, just two minutes before Ryan's alarm, I smiled and proceeded to thank God for the little victories! Tonight, my simple request might be that my legs get used to the "easy" workout and not be so sore :)

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