22 November 2011


I'm embarrassed to say that I hardly know what day it is.  That might be caused by the recent travels and then my even more recent three days of being bedridden because of my back.  So as I was reading facebook for a few minutes waiting for my pain reliever to kick in, I saw news that rocked my world.  It was a post by my friend Amy about celebrating her brother's 32nd birthday.
For those who know me well, know that while in my sophomore year in high school, my dear friend, Scott, was in a woodshop accident.  He died leaving behind his parents, his sister, and loads of friends who loved him.  Tomorrow is Scott's birthday.  He would be 32.  He had just turned 16 when the accident occurred.  I'll never forget the details surrounding those few weeks.  I cried and cried.  My heart ached for years.  Scott was a huge impact on my life.  He was the one who led me to Christ.  God used him in the lives of many and people like me and I never even go to say thanks.
Thinking of my friend, Scott, today brings tears to my eyes and at this point I can't even think straight.  I wish I could put into words how much my friend Scott means to me. 
Since I can't make my brain function, I'll share a quick story.  I was recently back in the town I was raised in.  When I crossed paths with Scott's parents, they were getting ready to introduce a guest pastor at church.  When I walked up to them, Bonnie introduced me to the guest pastor as being "one of Scott's old girlfriends".  In all of the last 16 years, I don't think I've ever been introduced that way.  Sure enough, once upon a time we were boyfriend and girlfriend.  But we were young (and I'm sure his parents wouldn't have approved) and our relationship was just a kid thing.  I remember Scott's sister, Amy, taking us to Baskin Robbins.  And if we were super secretive, we might have held hands on the 5 mile drive.  Regardless of that junior high relationship, I have a mature love for Scott.  Not because of the trip to Baskin Robbins, but because he loved me where I was at and shared the Truth of the Gospel with me. And almost 16 years later, his life still impacts mine.
Happy birthday dear friend.  I know you're celebrating with the King on your birthday!

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Patty said...

This post brought a tear to my eye, and I didn't even know Scott! Every year when you talk about him during this time of year, I always think about how short life really is and how we should always be putting our best foot forward and leaving an impact on someone else's life while we can.

Sending you hugs today!