01 November 2011

halloween pics

A few Halloween pics.  Judah got mad at something right away and did his normal "shut down" mode where he wouldn't smile, talk, or even show anger.  So very frustrating.  His kind of drama is so different than Bethany's.  Anyway, we managed to have a rushed but good time anyway.  Stopped at a hand full of friends houses plus their neighbors and got too much candy.  Carrying a candy bag and a light saber was hard on Darth Vader but we made it.
As a side note, I love eating halloween candy.  It's my weakness.  But yesterday when I stepped on the scale after being gone for 10 days to Ethiopia, it appears as though I'd shed a few pounds.  What a perfect motivator to not touch the candy.  So far, so good.  And since I'm up way too early again, I might go to the treadmill.  Then again, I might just fold laundry...

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