24 June 2011

When it gets warm again, we'll be making great use of our Deluxe Kid Wash. We got the idea from my favorite kid magazine Family Fun. I came home from work one day to see a bunch of PVC pipe on the back of his vet truck. The next day Ryan spent the afternoon with the PVC pipe and the printout instructions found here. Curious kids sometimes helped and sometimes hindered.

The next day, even though it wasn't super warm out, the kids played in the kid wash. As I watched them run through having a blast, I had one thought going through my mind:

No more official baths at our house this summer!

I figured if I just take some shampoo outside, they can just get their hair washed out there and call it good. What do you think? I'll let you know how it works.

So this is the picture from their website and magazine of their finished product. For some reason it looks a bit cooler than ours. Here's the modifications that Ryan made on his creation. First of all, no cool pool noodle (3 double-o words in a row, wow) on ours or the cute sign. I mean, it's cue and all but it really does nothing for how the actual thing works. The sponges are hung by a hole through them and then strung up. I suggested to Ryan a short piece of of PVC pipe through the whole so the string doesn't rip the sponges. The cute little nylon strips can be a variety of things. Ours currently doesn't have anything hanging but hopefully that will get added. It can be nylon strips, or rubber webbing stuff for non-skid mats, or cloth that can be removed and washed and stored at the end of the year. No cool stop sign on ours either. I'm wondering if there's something cool we can add there. If you have any ideas, let me know. Thankfully we have LOTS of water pressure but you might have to drill smaller holes for it to work... or to waste less water!

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