16 June 2011


Like I just mentioned on my other blog, I've been busy with everything but blogging.  Life has been fun, and annoying lately.  The annoying part is likely due to the fact that I'm busy and not making much time for disobedient children's attitudes.  Thought I'd share a few quick funnies from the last week:
1. Bethany cried and whined when I dropped her off at Grammy's on Tuesday.  Mom informed me that night that it only took 3 shots of coffee to calm her down.  Yes, this child loves coffee.  She's been known to steal my mom's cup and then go hide while she drinks it.  Not even the black coffee keeps my daughter at bay.
2. Bethany again.  She was so excited about having her teeth cleaned.  Overly animated and chatty, I could hear her the entire time she was in the other room.  When finished, she came to the room I was in and boldly announced: "Sandy tickled my teeth and I got PRIZES!"  She's a doll.
3. Scott, normally our perfect child, is full of piss and vinegar lately.  Well, maybe not the first one.  He's really struggling to keep his promise to the GI doc this week and we're getting really sick of the accidents. 
4.  Speaking of those types of problems, Judah has been like his brother this week.  Twice.  The first time I found a puddle in front of the toilet.  Come on son... you were so close.  The second time I found him in the hall holding himself from peeing more.   Arrg.  Not fun.
5.  My kids are fun though.  Scott continues to be interested in biographical stories of people like Harriet Tubman, Franklin D. Roosevelt, etc along with classic tales like Tom Sawyer, our current read. 
6.  Last night after we heard about a great ministry called Chain of Love (www.chainoflove.org), my 2 littles were found in the basement of the church playing make-believe Go-Fish.  I saw them, chuckled and let them continue playing.

7. Okay, that's it for now.  If you want to hear more about our trip, we'll be doing a community-wide presentation on Saturday at the Elgin FBC at 6pm. 


Ingrid said...

I call it 2nd child syndrome :) Mine, who you met, LOVES coffee. He is full of energy and such a little stinker!

Parenting is SO hard. It doesn't get any easier. I have finally accepted that fact. At times I get depressed thinking that there will always be challenges. It gives me perspective on how God must feel parenting us :) I am 39 and disobey everyday and oh the attitudes I give Him :)

Nicole said...

Don't kids add alot of spice to your life. Parenting isn't at all what I imagined it to be, but I'm loving every minute!

Beth said...

I am FINALLY catching up on you and yours! We have had such internet problems and a busy summer. Really miss you, Ryan, and the littles!