08 August 2005

Okay, I finally added a few pictures. I've not been on the computer for a while since we've had 3 weeks of company and still have company. This picture is of Scott's first trip to the conservation center in our county. It was more of a trip for my niece, Ryann, as you can tell.

We're all doing well and are really enjoying the time with our family members who have all come to visit Scott. He's been quite the popular boy. The college kids at church practically have to take a number since so many of them want to hold him. Its really sweet. Okay, I'm at mom's to check rental car prices for our CA trip. I better get at it and get back home so Mark and Eunice (G&G B) can love on their grandson!!!


Ashley said...

When will you be in CA?

jerelyn said...

Yay for the picture, Tammy! I'm glad you figured it out. :-)

Looks like little B is in good hands. :-)

You're coming to CA...soon, right?

Jen said...

Such a sweet picture. I hope to meet little Scott during your trip to CA.
How's your belly? Much closer to being back to normal I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Your comin' to CA...SWEET!!! R U comin' to our Alumni BBQ? In a serious voice, "Jen (Terk) n I will be sure and check out your car seat to insure tip-top safety." Right, Mandy? ;) Can't wait to see you n the new family in person :0]
Snoopy :0p

Kristin said...

That's right - you are going to CA! Right on! Scott needs to become quite familiar with that state!! :) What are dates you will be there? I don't think our trips overlap :( I'm there 9/2 - 9/6. You look great! And so does Scott - you two are so sweet!