28 January 2005

Winter Wonderland
We got our first measurable snow as we were driving home from Volga on January 4th. It ended up being about 12” the next morning. Everything was gorgeous; the trees were flocked with snow, it was picture perfect. Snow also means roads that need cleared. With a little bit of experience, I know that the county road I take to work isn’t cleared when I leave. In fact, I meet the snow plow half way between my house and home. I played it smart that morning and left an hour later for work. Unfortunately the state highway wasn’t even cleared that morning. And just 3 miles from the house, I hit a patch of ice/slush and was turned sideways, crossed all three lanes and was heading downhill into oncoming traffic. I hoped that I could correct it in time to stay on the road. Sure enough, by the grace of God, my car hit the edge of the road and turned the other way. Still sideways and heading downhill, I was now facing the other way and went back across all three lanes. Only this time, I wasn’t so fortunate when I got to the edge. I just kept going right into the ditch. It was like I was trying to jump the ditch in my car, only I didn’t make it. So the Deputy sheriff eventually came, I checked out the inside of a cop car while I kept warm, he filled out the accident report and we waited for the tow truck. After my car was pulled out (and still drivable), the deputy followed me home to make sure I got there safely. Of course, I was still sliding around a bit in the ice and slush as I slowly made it back to the house. Played hookie the rest of the day and that Friday too because the roads were still bad.

There's still more to come. I have a some more interesting tidbits to share: a mouse story, another driving drama and more. Keep posted. I'll try to get updates out in a more timely manner.

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