28 January 2005

Holy cow! I so posted last Friday. Took the time to write out a little of the most recent drama and pressed the key to publish the post and got an error. I detest that! Here’s my 2nd effort at typing about this – if I can remember where I left off…

New Year’s Day - Ice Adventure
I shared earlier about hitting the deer just before we left for Arizona. Got a quote for that and have it scheduled to be worked on. Things have been great. New Years Day we had plans with the folks to watch the football games. I told mom that we’d be there about noon – enough time to sleep in, eat breakfast and get cleaned up without hurrying. Ryan had other plans. At 8am, Ryan had to go to the clinic to walk dogs so he just planned on staying in town instead of running back in forth. I told him to go ahead, I was comfortable in bed. A minute or two after he left, the rain hitting the window got my attention. So, I opened my eyes to see that it was ice/sleet and not rain. Knowing that my car won’t make it up the driveway when its iced over, I decide that maybe I should get up and take my stuff with me to clean up at moms. Just then the phone rings and it was Ryan with the same suggestion. I asked him to come back to the house and get me so I didn’t have to deal with the slick driveway. We went to Mom and Ralph’s house and had a fun time watching way too many football games, eating food and visiting. By nightfall we had lots of freezing rain and the roads were solid ice. We opted to sleep in the spare bedroom instead of venturing home. The next morning Sunday services were cancelled and I was in no hurry to get up. About mid morning, Ryan wanted to go home (enough of the in-laws I guess) and we packed up our clothes (and dog) and headed home. It was icy but the roads had been salted and sanded. Then we got to the driveway. At the crest of the hill on the driveway, Ryan was hardly going as he crossed the cattle guard. Soon enough we were headed downhill on the ice with zero control. The only thing that kept us on the driveway was the grace of God and the grass along the edge. We’d be sliding one way and catch the grass which gave us traction and would shoot us the other way. Here we are headed down the hill that takes a curve with a pond on the left and a steep embankment on the right. I was hoping for the pond it meant smoother sailing (or should I say ice skating) then rolling the truck the other way. But we made it and continued on down the driveway. As we got to where it breaks off and heads to the garage, Ryan could make the turn. He went completely sideways on the ice so we decided to go through our lawn and stop there. It was quite the experience. And it didn’t stop there, the walkway and steps were solid ice, you couldn’t walk up them. We made it in the house and stayed there through the next day. That Monday, after putting 6 tons of sand on the hill, our neighbor (who we share a driveway with) hired someone to come in and salt it. Fortunately we got out that night and safely ran an emergency vet call. Slippery and sliding but safe!

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