09 April 2013

Catching Up

I keep thinking that I really need to write a blog post.  As you can see, that never happens and then I get so behind that I don't know where to begin.  For some odd reason, I think I have to be up to date which is so not true.  After all, when have I ever been up to date??? This can be evidenced by my wardrobe, hair color, etc.  But this isn't confessions of a mom who needs a make-over.

Moving on.

We are were enjoying spring.  The weekend weather was beautiful.  We spent a fair amount of time outside on Sunday.  We followed lunch at mom & papa's by working on our soccer skills.  I am coaching one of the U-8 boys teams and my U-8 boy has some serious room for improvement.  It is clear that he did not get any of his momma's athletic ability. 

My kids have been horribly behaved lately.  I think it's a mix of spring fever, us parents being away for two weeks, and regular 'ol disobedience.  Monday when we got home for the day, I thought it would be beneficial to spend some quality time with them.  Supper would have to wait.  My icky stomach would have to be ignored.  These three little ones needed momma time and boy did we have fun:

Trampoline fun usually involves their Daddy.  But this time, I jumped in on the fun.  They have this little game they play and the kids love it.  Oddly enough, the game is the kids getting pushed over or tripped by Daddy. Pinch hitting in this wonderful little game, I had to attract the kids to the edge of the trampoline so I could push them over and trip them up.  I pulled a creative pinterest idea from the recesses of my brain to add to the fun.  With chalk, I drew a square at the edge of the trampoline and wrote "mom's square" in it and "STAY OFF" around it.  Those two little phrases had magnetic action to my babes.  I put my rockstar drawing abilities to work and continued to decorate the trampoline with chalk.  We had a blast... except for the part where they had to sit still so I could draw a straight line.  

Did you catch that last sentence?  Normally the kids have fun and I assist.  But this time, I had fun too.  Because I was pulling out all the tricks during this quality time, I even did some head stands for the kids:

The last few days were cool but beautiful.  Spring arrived but winter must have been jealous.  They were apparently having a little battle today because we enjoyed a lightning/thunder/rain storm this morning.  The remainder of the week will be cold with chances of snow in the forcast... oh dear!

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