18 June 2012

Place of Peace

It's amazing that this place is a place of peace:

I missed my Wednesday night in the garden last week.  I think.  When Saturday morning rolled around, I really, really needed a few hours in the garden.  After all, with the help of a sprinkler and the Rain Maker, it had been well watered.  With a house in disarray and 5 guests staying the night that night, there was no way I could take time for the garden.  You can imagine how weedy it was when I walked out there tonight.  My mouth dropped.  Even though my back hurt like mad, I was ready to bend/kneel down and start pulling all the nasty weeds.  Since Lori and I are having a thistle growing competition, I had to take special care of those bad boys when I pulled them out, without gloves, trying to remove the tap root along with it.  All the weeds drive me crazy but the quiet time in the garden was priceless.

While I was busy in the garden, my kids were busy in their "new pool":

Nothing says country bumkin like kids swimming in a livestock water tank!  In two hours, I pulled lots of deep rooted, well growing weeds.  I also managed to find my rows of garlic amongst the weeds, train the tomatoes back into their cages, thin the junk out of my nicely growing cilantro, encourage the peas to grow towards the wire fence, and start pulling the masses of growth from the patch of asparagus.

When 8pm rolled around, we headed in the house, heated up some left overs, ate a quick meal, slathered the kids with aloe vera lotion and headed for a COLD shower.  

P.S.  Here's a pic of Ryan's Father's Day gift:

Only, the print never did get printed.   When we headed to town yesterday, the bigger town with a wallyworld, we didn't stop by right away.  Then when I went back to town before supper, I forgot the camera card and by time Ryan got to town and I got back inside, the photo center was closed.  One-hour pics was an option except Ryan's family was all headed to supper so I couldn't wait around for an hour.  Not able to get the pic printed, Ryan got nothing for Father's Day.  A big fail for me on getting a gift for the man I love.  Children of mine, when are you going to think to do something on your own for your parents to celebrate them on Mother's Day and Father's Day?

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