11 July 2006

Quick Update

[emergency room visit]
hubby was working in the shop and got something in his eye. While driving, the piece shifted and he couldn't see to drive. With his approval/request, I continued on to the baptism (I was 10 minutes farther down the road). After the baptism, I left and headed up the hill where I could get signal and call him. Mom answered his cell phone and they were just finishing up in the emergency room! The doctor had removed sawdust from his eye and sent him home. Since he's on call for 2 weeks straight, I headed to the clinic and transferred my kid to the vet truck and headed home to meet Ryan and my folks.

[emergency room visit #2]
hubby was in MAJOR pain. Doc said it might feel like something was in there because of the swelling. I finally called the doc to see what we could do since I'd never had to deal with a guy in so much pain. He suggested we see an opthamologist who could get a more detailed look at the eye in case something else was still in there. Because it was Saturday night at 830, the doc had to call around to find someone available. He called back with 3 options: W town (80 miles) and where we go for big city shopping, R town (80ish miles and not familiar at all and in another state) or LC town (same as R town). After a few questions, we dropped small fry off at his grammy's and headed to W town. (now let me just make the point that there is much more drama and details and funny moments to share but I'm pressed for time, grr). Leave at 9pm, sit in ER for 90 minutes and get home at 2am. And had a sheriff's car follow me several miles as I desperately tried to be WIDE awake.

[added drama]
- hubby (aka Dr veterinarian) was on call and the other guy is out of state. He should not leave the practice radius. But he couldn't see anyway and therefore couldn't help animals if he did get a call!
- super tired and trying hard to stay awake on the way down, let alone the whole way home while hubby tried to lay down and relax
- I had to drive the vet truck to town to get my car with small fry in the passenger seat and big burly hubby in the middle. The seat was all the way back and so hubby was squished and I wasn't even sitting back all the way so that I could still reach the pedals!
- hubby hates to have his eyes touched
- we missed awesome fireworks out at the camp where the baptism happened.

[next few days]
hubby's folks are coming tomorrow. we're excited to see them. small fry turns one on friday. we're having a small party on saturday. next few weeks will be company, me travelling to do family things in two weeks and leaving from there for a week of work in Florida. Yikes, when will I have time with hubby?

Okay, gotta run, we rescheduled our small group to tonight...


Fantastagirl said...

Happy Early birthday to the small fry - he shares with Pan!

OMGosh with the hubby and the eye. I hope you got a good doc and that it starts feeling better soon.

have a great weekend.

Hal and Anna said...

We're glad to hear everything worked out with they eye....Hal hates to have his eyes touched as well, so we sympathize.

Let's talk soon!

CORI said...

How did he get sawdust in his eye??? Poor Ryan ;-(

Happy Bday Scott!!!!

jerelyn said...

oh my goodness...what a story! i've never had my eyes touched, but i'm sure i wouldn't like it much either. I mean, you're not supposed to put anything in there!! hehe.

Hope everything is well with you and little S!!